The Power of Gentleness

It is inspiring to watch a brilliant sunset. Each little cloud is tinged with heavenly colors, some delicate, some more vivid. Anon the sun sinks lower in the west, and the brightness of the sky takes on the soft grays and deep blues of twilight. A star appears. The blue grows deeper as the last rays of light depart. A multitude of stars now gleam, and for a few short hours stud the heavens with their beauty. Then comes the dawn. The first faint rays light up the heavens, now pink, now gold. And in its glorious splendor comes the sunrise. How gently is each transformation wrought! There is no confusion, but a gentle blending of colors until the day has come.

The power of gentleness is ofttimes overlooked by a world too much accustomed to mistaking gentleness for softness or weakness. Consider for a moment the gentleness with which the master Christian taught and healed, thus foreshadowing, in his ministry, world salvation. At a time when tyranny was rampant, oppression the order of the day, and the iron heel of the Romans ground into the dust all who opposed them, came Christ Jesus with a message of freedom for all. He called no army to his standard. Brute force he did not need. Instead, he faced a hostile world with gentleness.

The Way Out
July 6, 1935

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