It was my privilege to be brought up in the teachings of...

It was my privilege to be brought up in the teachings of Christian Science, and I should like to express something of the gratitude I feel for this great blessing.

When I entered school the principal came to my mother and said that something would have to be done about my eyes, which were quite crossed, one especially turning inward very noticeably. My mother was a young student of Christian Science at that time and had been earnestly trying to work out this condition. When the principal told her of the material methods it was felt must be employed to correct it, she felt greatly dismayed. But soon another caller came, my new teacher, who was a Christian Scientist and offered to help us. In a short time the eyes were entirely normal, and nothing more was ever said about them. This condition was believed to be hereditary, as also in the case of my teeth. When my second teeth came the ones in front were very crooked, the two eye teeth growing straight out instead of down. When I refused to wear a brace, my mother reminded me that I should have to be as persistent in knowing the truth as the brace would be in its way of correcting the crookedness. We worked diligently about it each day, and the teeth were straightened without any material means whatsoever. At a time of great fear regarding infantile paralysis, I was incapacitated by that condition, but the healing was completed in about two weeks. Also during my school days an irritating and disfiguring skin disease was healed through our understanding of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Although I had known many people who were students...
July 6, 1935

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