Signs of the Times

[Rev. Dr. Alfred Grant Walton, as quoted in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York]

Christian Scientists have a living and a radiant faith. Religion is not a perfunctory thing with them, but it is a joy and a sustaining influence in their work, a practical element in their everyday lives. Christian Scientists attend church with amazing regularity, putting others to shame by their devotion. Regardless of weather conditions or other attractions which may be offered, these people go to church and liberally support their church financially. No Christian Science church is dedicated until all bills are paid. Christian Scientists think kindly of other people. It is a part of their teaching that evil thoughts are injurious to themselves and also others. They read their Bibles every day, and, what is more, they study them. They are generous seekers after truth. I know of no other religious group which is so devoted to the daily reading of the Bible as these people.

July 6, 1935

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