Only One Real Presence—Love

When , asks the peace-loving thought, will men cease their material striving? When will they sacrifice their egotism, with its selfishness, jealousy, envy, and greed? When will they part with their desire for place and power, and with the warring that accompanies the desire? Only when they discover for themselves the great truth, which Christian Science reveals, that there is but one real power and presence in the universe—Love—and proceed to prove it. It were well that men pondered these questions and their answer. All too frequently they take for granted that the evils incidental to mortal existence are inevitable, and fail in consequence to trouble themselves about a remedy. But remedy there is; and Christian Science makes it known.

In persistently declaring that God, Love, is infinite—All—Christian Science is doing a wonderful thing, the significance of which is gradually but surely impressing itself on the consciousness of mankind. What a thought, that Love and only Love is real! That Love fills all space—is everywhere; that in reality there is no presence or power in the entire universe but Love! The thought of the glory of Love's presence causes us to bow our heads in deepest reverence and humility—we who may have believed far differently in the past. Yet how feebly we seem to grasp the value of this truth for humanity! But to catch hold of it even in a limited degree, how much it means of gladness! Only one real presence, only one real power—Love!

True Healing Waters
May 18, 1935

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