Writing for Our Periodicals

To write for our periodicals is the joyous privilege of all who feel they have a vital message of Truth to impart, and an accompanying sense of the gladness and certainty of spiritual vision. It is said that Fra Angelico, the early Italian painter, often prayed as he painted; and certainly no one should attempt to write for our periodicals without first lifting his thoughts to that mental attitude which constitutes prayer in Christian Science.

There are many things that should be prayerfully considered, and thoughtfully weighed, ere starting to write; and, to commence with, one's motive in writing should be honestly ascertained. Now, though no student of Christian Science would be induced to write simply for the satisfaction of seeing his name in print, still it would be well for him to examine his thought before he begins to write, and thus make sure that it is entirely free from any desire for personal applause. Error tries to hide itself; it takes a truly honest heart to look squarely and frankly into one's every motive. The expression of thought that is tinged with a desire for selfglorification must inevitably result in an article more or less devoid of freshness and spontaneity. In order to hear and record the ideas of beauty and inspiration that God, Mind, is ceaselessly and equally imparting to all His children, thought must be emptied of self and profoundly humble.

God's Bountiful Supply
October 21, 1933

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