In gratitude for the understanding of God that is gained...

In gratitude for the understanding of God that is gained from the study of Christian Science, I send this testimony. I did not take up the study of this Science for physical healing but became interested during a time of great need. My mother was a physician and my grandfather a minister, and when I was a small child I became a member of an orthodox church. When grown I became more and more dissatisfied with materia medica and scholastic theology, so began to search for something more satisfying. After studying various works on material philosophy, physical science, and so forth, I decided that religion and science, so called, could never be reconciled, and accepted the conclusion reached by a prominent philosopher that "religion under all its forms is distinguished from everything else in this, that its subject matter is that which passes the sphere of experience." I then decided that the Bible was of no use to me, and I never intended to open it again. As a result of this decision, great unhappiness came into my experience, followed by mental darkness and despair.

After three years of weary wandering in this mental desert, I read a book in which the following words from the Bible were repeated many times and remained with me, "Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth." Not long afterward I heard two people talking of someone who was having Christian Science treatment, and although I knew hardly anything of this religion and had been brought up in an atmosphere of prejudice against it, something seemed to tell me that it could help me. As I did not know where the Christian Science churches were located I looked them up in a Saturday newspaper, and decided to attend the following Sunday. The gratitude I felt for that first service cannot be expressed in words; and I accepted the truth there presented as naturally as though I had always understood it. I was grateful to find that Christian Science is a practical religion and that its truths can be proved and demonstrated.

About seven years ago, when I was a beginner in this study, I was healed of scarlet fever. My mother gave me some material remedies, which had no effect whatever, and but for the help I asked for and received in Christian Science I might have passed on in a very short time. This healing, which was accomplished in a few days, destroyed any lingering faith I might have had in material medicine. Later, through the understanding of the definition of "eyes" on page 586 of Science and Health, I was able to lay off glasses that I had worn for twelve years for double astigmatism. Whenever the false belief came to thought that sight is material it was replaced by the truth that real sight is spiritual perception. Christian Science has enabled me to make numerous demonstrations over error and discord and is giving me a new sense of life and happiness. My hope is that I may increasingly reflect this truth to others.

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The Love of God
October 21, 1933

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