Effective Prayer that Leads to Demonstration

How important is the first step—to have a firm conviction that good is the eternal, divine reality! We cannot proceed very far until we are certain that the good we pray for really exists. Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field." Now if we are informed of a certainty of such a treasure, do we not go quickly to seek it? If we think that there is probably a hidden treasure, we are not so hasty to seek for it, but put off the search until "a convenient season." And if we are made to believe that treasure is not to be found in the field, we do not even go to seek. This hidden treasure, the kingdom of heaven, is the reign of God's harmonious government, manifested in good health, right activity, joyous and pure living. Let us listen to the angels of God continually assuring us that these blessings are ever at hand for every one of God's children.

The business man who begins with the assumption that there is no business to be had, will not find much inspiration or enthusiasm to search for what he fears does not exist; and he is likely to find little good business. Instead, let him realize that divine Love is ever present, manifested in all good, and he will find great joy in every activity throughout the day; he will find much truly good business, many opportunities to reflect Love, Truth, Mind, and will find therein supply, activity, success.

October 21, 1933

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