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Some time ago, on a Sunday, my seven-year-old boy...

Some time ago, on a Sunday, my seven-year-old boy became seriously ill. I felt I must send for a doctor immediately, as the boy had severe pains and fever. The doctor could say nothing definite, though he thought it might be appendicitis. The next day he came twice, but could make no decision. This went on until Wednesday. The boy had a high fever; his body was swollen; he could not move, and could eat nothing. On Thursday the doctor brought a surgeon with him. The latter could say no more than that the best thing to do was to send the child to a hospital. As I was very much opposed to this and my husband was away on a business trip, a third physician was brought on Friday; he too could make no decision.

Saturday morning early, matters were so bad that I was going to consent to have the child taken to the clinic sometime during the day. Toward noon the little fellow, who up to that time had been quite listless, said: "Mummie, Christian Science could help me, I am sure. Please send right away for the practitioner auntie told me about the other day." This "auntie" was an acquaintance who had often told us of the good results of Christian Science. I must confess that I had not taken any special interest in what she said, but the little fellow had, as it proved. Up to that time the child had lain for hours in his bed, dull and listless, and now came this clear sentence. I asked a friend for this lady's address. About three o'clock on Saturday my sister was at the address. The few minutes that followed I shall never forget. The little fellow stood up in his bed and said: "I think it's all gone, I'm well again. Give me something to eat, I'm so hungry." The dear practitioner had been working for him with success. When my sister came back the child was sitting up in bed, enjoying his food, and playing. Toward evening the doctor came and was visibly astonished when he found the little fellow in the merriest mood — he was singing at the moment. There was no more fever, and the swelling had all disappeared.

Testimony of Healing
For more than twenty years I have depended upon the...
September 24, 1932

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