Business Is Good

The argument has presented itself to not a few Christian Scientists that the marts of commerce and trade, or the activity generally referred to as business, do not offer a satisfactory field of endeavor from the standpoint of practically applying Christian Science. One student was heard to say that there were so much insincerity and dishonesty in business, that there were so much misrepresentation and such like methods that an active, working Christian Science student did not belong in business. Of course, such misconceptions of the true nature of business are erroneous, and may, in part, account for much of the failure and frustration that seem to argue in the experience of students of Christian Science who are in process of adjusting their daily affairs to the integrity of their new-found concept of God. It has been said many times that the only business there is, is God's business. This is a true statement in its absolute sense. The activity that is of Mind is the sum total of business, including all that is true about the transactions, efforts, or work, which we think of as the business of men.

In order to arrive at a practical application of the rules involved, we must know something of the one Principle, or God; for it is that which we know about God that is the complete basis for vision, unfoldment, and demonstration in our experience. God is seen and known in His manifestations. We experience good and express good; and God is reflected in this good that is seen and expressed by us and by those about us. When out of the honesty, the sincerity, the good we express, the consecration, the purpose that we manifest, God stands forth to us as the primary cause, the ultimate and absolute standard of right, the perfect and only real Mind, it is but a step farther for us to know man, the expression of God, and to see in him our own identity, our own true nature, God's image.

March 26, 1932

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