In yesterday's Scotsman appeared a report of a sermon...


In yesterday's Scotsman appeared a report of a sermon by a bishop, in which he included Christian Science among "fantastic types of belief" which mark the degeneracy of religion.

It is hardly possible to imagine a term more inapplicable to Christian Science than "fantastic," for this system is dependent on Principle and rules as fixed as those which govern the science of arithmetic. Christian Scientists, accepting with all Christians the statement that God is the sole cause and creator of man and the universe, do not believe that cause can be supernatural to its effect. They also accept unreservedly the plain statement of our Lord, "God is spirit" (Rev. Ver.), and deduce therefrom that man, God's effect, must, in his real, essential nature, be spiritual, and governed by spiritual law. Thus Christian Science explains the unusual experiences recorded in the Old and New Testaments as manifestations of spiritual law, only partially understood. It remained for the Science underlying these manifestations to be made known in a scientific age to the people at large by Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. Hence Christian Science justifies its twofold name; for, on the one hand, it upholds the authenticity of the Scriptural narratives by producing similar results to-day, in accordance with the promise of the Master, "These signs shall follow them that believe," while, on the other hand, it explains these results scientifically, by showing that they were based on fundamental law.

May 9, 1931

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