According to Christian Science, God is Mind; He is not...

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According to Christian Science, God is Mind; He is not "a divine mind," but He is the one and only divine Mind. Again, according to Christian Science, God is Spirit; hence that which Spirit (God) creates must be like Spirit, must be spiritual. Now, Mind manifests or expresses itself in ideas, and ideas created by God, who is Spirit, must be spiritual ideas, as surely as like produces like. Therefore, the universe which God created is wholly spiritual. And this spiritual universe, conceived by divine Mind, has existed forever and will exist forever, since God, divine Mind, is immortal. Matter is a false human concept of God's spiritual creation. It is the manifestation or expression, not of the divine Mind, but of so-called mortal mind, which Paul calls the carnal mind; and therefore it never has been and never can be a part of the creation of divine Mind.

Paul says, "For the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." This is precisely the teaching of Christian Science; and as human consciousness, through knowledge of the truth about God and His creation, gradually lets go its belief in the reality of matter, God's spiritual ideas will be seen, not as "transcendental illusions," but as eternal realities. God made all that is real, and what He made is indestructible and eternal; therefore, the human mind is powerless to make that real which is unreal, or to make that unreal which is real.

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