I love to look back to my first healing in Christian Science

I love to look back to my first healing in Christian Science. It is a great help to me to remember how little was said about error. I had been troubled a great deal with quinsy. One tonsil had been abscessed eight times, and at last seemed not to heal at all. The doctor told me frankly that it would be a very difficult operation to have the tonsils removed on account of their being so broken up. So it was decided that I should go to the hospital for a two weeks' treatment, which I did. Three months later I had another attack. Then I was quite well for almost a year, when the trouble started again. I knew something of Christian Science at that time, so decided that I would see a practitioner. However, it was three or four days before I went, and my throat was so swollen by then that I could hardly talk. After I had been given a silent treatment there seemed to be nothing more for me to do but to leave. I did not, however, feel quite satisfied. I thought that entirely too little had been said about a sore throat. So in leaving I said, "Well, I guess my throat will be all right." The practitioner said so lovingly and kindly that I shall never forget her words, "You just run along and forget you have a throat." What joy, just to run along and forget the error! I had felt so tired, so worn out; but now all of a sudden I was filled with a sweet sense of peace and happiness. The next day I was so much better I knew that I was healed. And the day following, the swelling and soreness had entirely disappeared, never to return.

This healing took place over eight years ago, and I have received a great many blessings since then. I am indeed very grateful for Christian Science.

(Miss) Agnes Elvira Wallin, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Testimony of Healing
Words alone cannot express my gratitude to God; to...
May 9, 1931

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