The Omnipotence of God

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is declaring to the world in no uncertain manner the omnipotence of God, the truth that God is infinite in power. And in doing so it accepts all that the statement implies. Thus, Christian Science teaches that there is no real power apart from God; or, since God is infinite good, that there is no reality and therefore no power in aught that is not good. This is the same as saying that there is neither reality nor power in evil, whatever form the evil belief may seem to take. Referring to God as all-inclusive Mind, on page 206 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy writes: "Omnipotent and infinite Mind made all and includes all. This Mind does not make mistakes and subsequently correct them."

The truth, then, is that there is only one real power, namely, God, Mind, or Spirit, and consequently that there is no reality in matter or evil. Christian Science holds to this truth in spite of all that material sense may argue to the contrary. More than this, it gives an absolute denial to every argument of material sense. But here the student may believe himself in a quandary; for on the one hand he finds himself forced to accept the truth of God's allness and omnipotence, and on the other he has difficulty in denying the reality of matter and evil because of the persistence with which material sense urges their claims. What shall he do? He should begin to prove the truth for himself by healing sickness through overcoming the belief that matter and material law are real. Our revered Leader says (ibid., p. 109), "Christian Science reveals incontrovertibly that Mind is All-in-all, that the only realities are the divine Mind and idea. This great fact is not, however, seen to be supported by sensible evidence, until its divine Principle is demonstrated by healing the sick and thus proved absolute and divine," adding, "This proof once seen, no other conclusion can be reached."

May 9, 1931

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