Much has been written about gratitude, but the subject still remains inexhaustible. It is easy enough to be grateful when something pleasant comes along; but what about those times when everything seems to be going wrong, and vexing problems appear to have no solution? To one student, whose belief in an unhappy disposition and in discordant surroundings had long been a stumblingblock to her progress, gratitude had always remained something of a mystery, until one day the glorious thought dawned on her consciousness that if there were nothing else in the world to be grateful for, one could still be grateful to God for making man in His image and likeness. She saw that the ever-presence of God meant also the ever-presence of the real man, and that man could never cease expressing God.

The illuminating statement in Genesis, "God created man in his own image," read often before without the slightest accompaniment of joy, suddenly turned the darkness into light. So the student came to see that it did not much matter what mortal mind had to say about any situation; that all its suggestions concerning lack, discord, inability to cope with adverse circumstance, heartache, sin, and fear, were but futile attempts to separate the son from the Father. It was her privilege to rejoice in the glorious fact that when the morning stars sang together the sons of God shouted for joy, expressing their gratitude.

God Measurement of Love
March 2, 1929

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