The Universal Need

The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, was a profound student of human nature and realized the needs of the people. It was her unselfish love that drove out the concept of mortal selfhood to such an extent that floods of truth came in as a divine revelation. Here was an impersonal love, free from self-seeking, the seeking of money, power, or fame. If the opponents of Christian Science see in the seeming material prosperity, manifested in large churches, widely circulated periodicals, and increasing membership, an indication of worldly power, or in the reverent attitude toward the Leader of Christian Science when mention of her name is made in a service, a tendency to confuse Mrs. Eddy with the great political leaders of the world, we may rest assured that our Leader foresaw and warned us against just such suggestions from without. She indeed indicated for our use the means of protection against such attacks of criticism—namely, the constand desire to help humanity and the realization of the power of Love, through Christian Science, to meet the world's need. If the followers of Christian Science are faithful to the divine Principle, boundless, impersonal Love, on which Christian Science is founded, this need will harmoniously and surely be met.

For all students and workers, still unperfected in unselfed love, Mrs. Eddy has left rules worked out from practical experience in Christian Science work. These rules appear all through her writings; but nowhere are they more clearly and reasonably presented than in the Church Manual. To regard the Manual as a piece of ritualism, or to rebel against its rules, is as foolish as it would be to rebel against the signs at the street crossings. Why should we not be grateful that Love has prepared the way? It is well to stop often and go back to the founding of our movement, and realize once more the rock that forms its foundation. This great love for mankind means a love which is all-inclusive. Without knowledge of the truth which reveals the human need and the ways of error, the great work which is necessary for the salvation of the world would be subject constantly to interruption. The art of spiritual healing was lost sight of through generations because of this very disregard of Truth and failure to recognize as false the claims of mortal mind. Would we have the vision darkened again because of our childish disobedience and love of self?

In "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy says (p. 365): "If Christian Science lacked the proof of its goodness and utility, it would destroy itself; for it rests alone on demonstration. Its genius is right thinking and right acting, physical and moral harmony; and the secret of its success lies in supplying the universal need of better health and better men." In Proverbs Solomon says: "When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee." To rebel, then, against a divine revelation of wisdom is to help to destroy our own usefulness. There is no need to confuse discretion with hypocrisy. The discretion which results from wisdom, a constant seeking after the guidance of divine intelligence, is not deceit. It means to walk with the gaze fastened on God and God alone, in the straight and narrow path of His choosing. The spirit of disobedience or self-will can never keep the true follower of Christ from sharing in the divine revelation given to us by our Leader for our aid in the great work of Christian Science.

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August 27, 1927

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