During the progress of a church building committee meeting the writer was strongly impressed with the lessons which may be learned from those parts of a building which are not seen, but yet are vital to its stability. The first and one of the most important considerations, when building, is the foundation. Even the foundation of a cottage must be laid with care, else the stability of the cottage will be jeopardized. But the importance of good foundations may, perhaps, best be realized when we consider the high structures erected in certain cities. Many cases could be cited where the cost of the foundations in engineering skill, workmanship, and money has far exceeded the cost of the superimposed structure. Many cases also are known where large sums of money have been expended on excavations alone to insure that the foundation should rest on rock. Almost all this work is invisible to those viewing the finished structure; and though many may admire the structure from an architectural or artistic viewpoint, few people think of the foundations and what they stand for.

With the growth of the Christian Science movement there are many communities that are considering the question of building new churches or enlarging existing buildings. Architects will be consulted and designs considered; and it may be that a masterpiece of building will be erected. But it must have a firm foundation.

August 27, 1927

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