A testimony of my first healing was in the Sentinel of...

A testimony of my first healing was in the Sentinel of November 14, 1914. Since then I have had many proofs of the power of the truth to heal evils of all kinds. It is teaching me to overcome so many things that seemed real before I knew my true relation to God and to my fellow-man. I would not ask to have been delivered from one experience, for every seeming stumblingblock has been a stepping-stone to a higher understanding of the truth. I have also learned that we have to prove all we say; so it behooves us to beware of vain babbling, for Truth makes us prove all things. I had often said that whatever came up I should never want a doctor called, so the time came for me to prove it; and I am so grateful to say that the thought of calling on material means never came to me.

In the spring of 1922 I was stricken one night with what the physicians would have called inflammatory rheumatism, starting in one limb and rendering me unable to walk. I was in such pain I could not get comfortable, so I had to be aided to bed; and as the pain seemed to increase, I asked that a friend, who was a Scientist, be called. She came and read to me, and gave me a treatment, but I seemed to get worse; and by the next morning I had no use of my limbs or body, and finally became unconscious. My friend continued to come twice a day. Sometimes I would rally for a short time, and then we would sing, although I hardly knew what I was singing. I lay in this condition for three days and nights, and there was no one but this friend who could help me hold to the truth, for my relatives and neighbors knew nothing of Christian Science. The neighbors were much concerned, because my nephew, respecting my wishes, refused to call a doctor, because he thought it was my privilege to depend on God if I wanted to. By the fourth day I seemed to awake sufficiently so that I could know the nothingness of matter and the allness of Spirit. Then I called for help from a practitioner in another city, and my friend would telephone her every day. The sixth day I was helped into a chair, but as yet had no use of my hands or feet, as they were still badly swollen. In ten days I could walk if someone held me under the arms, and in three weeks I could get around and wait on myself. I was then taken to the city where the practitioner lives and she came to see me every day, as I still suffered great pain, but would sing and declare the truth with tears streaming down my cheeks. But my faith never once gave way, for I knew God is the only Physician. In ten weeks I went back to my work as a nurse, and was able to go up and down stairs as easily as I ever did. I have had perfect health ever since.

August 27, 1927

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