As no other who has lived on earth has understood God so fully as did Christ Jesus, so none other has manifested so deep a sense of man's dependence upon Him. Jesus recognized God as infinite Being, as Life itself, as the source of all good, bestower of all beneficence; and he turned to Him constantly with prayer and thanksgiving. "I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth"—these words, frequently on the Master's lips, are perfect proof of his recognition of the divine source of all mankind's innumerable blessings.

All who have undertaken to follow in the footsteps of the Master have turned to God in heartfelt thanksgiving for divine support and comfort. Among the innumerable host who "nameth the name of Christ" in the intervening centuries, none have greater cause than Christian Scientists for rendering thanks to God in deepest gratitude for "his wonderful works to the children of men," revealed continually in some new experience, as vision has become more spiritualized. To no other body of Christians has it been so clearly revealed that God, the infinite Father, is the source of all good; that infinite good can emanate only from Him who is infinite Love; that, consequently, evil is not a reality, has neither entity nor power, and can, therefore, exert no malign influence in the lives of men. What greater cause for thanksgiving could mortals have than to have become the blessed beneficiaries of this wondrous revelation! God, infinite ever present Love! Evil unreal, without the slightest claim to reality! Surely the realization that only good is or can be present is the greatest reason for gratitude and thanksgiving.

November 19, 1927

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