For the past five years Christian Science has been our...

For the past five years Christian Science has been our only physician, and when properly applied it has met our need in every trail. I wore glasses for about three years; but when Christian Science was applied by my wife and myself the glasses were laid away, and I have never needed them since. I was also a heavy user of tobacco; but after studying the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly, and the various other periodicals, and applying the understanding I gained, I was healed of this too. Every fall and spring I was subject to the grippe, and it would keep me from my work for a week or ten days. On one or two occasions I called a practitioner, and help was lovingly given and the malady dispelled. Since that time I have myself overcome the same difficulty with the truth several times in just a day or two.

My path has not been strewn with roses all the way, for I have met with many trials and necessary self-denials; but thanks be to God for the progress already made! I am grateful for membership in a branch church. I am also grateful for the practitioners, who are always ready and willing to give a helping hand in times of distress, and for membership in The Mother Church.

Testimony of Healing
I have waited long for some big demonstration to record,...
November 19, 1927

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