An article from the Algona Advance, in a recent issue of...


An article from the Algona Advance, in a recent issue of your publication, contained a reference to certain writers on the farming situation in Iowa as metaphorically like "human ostriches," "Christian Scientists," and one who could lift himself "by pulling on his boot straps if he only would." The inclusion of Christian Scientists in the contributor's remarks conveys a wholly erroneous conception of Christian Science teaching, which I beg leave to correct. Christian Science does not lead its students to deceive themselves in any respect, although the reverse of this might be inferred from the article under review. On the contrary, it teaches and enables them to see their problems for what they are, and shows how these should be met and mastered. Through the right consideration of spiritual values the Christian Scientist solves problems which all may solve by the same correct process. His difficulties are not, however, overcome through any operation of the so-called human will or mortal mind. Dependence upon such for help would indeed be like that of one in the "boot-strap" illustration. The divine Mind, God, alone is acknowledged and depended upon by the Christian Scientist, as the ever available and only power to assist him in his need. This reliance upon God is based on the teaching of Scripture, which declares that "there is no power but of God."

November 19, 1927

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