About twenty years ago I was a regular reader of a popular...

About twenty years ago I was a regular reader of a popular magazine which at that time was printing a series of articles denouncing Mary Baker Eddy and the religion she had founded. I knew nothing of Christian Science at that time, but after reading one or two of these articles I had a conviction that they were unjust and untrue, and I determined that as soon as I had an opportunity to do so I would investigate Christian Science to learn the facts for myself. The opportunity came very soon, for I went to the home of a woman whom I knew to be a Christian Scientist, and told her I wanted to know something about Mrs. Eddy and the religion she had established. This woman very lovingly told me of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, of the Reading Rooms and the church services, and voiced a few truths that sank deep into my consciousness and remained there.

While I had heard some of these truths many times before in the so-called orthodox church, yet they now took on a new and practical meaning; and the realization came that Christian Science is a religion of works rather than words. I went immediately from this woman's home to the Reading Room and purchased some of the literature. In about a week I had secured a copy of Science and Health. I began attending the church services, and from that time on I knew without any doubt that I had found the truth. I had found a God at hand and not afar off, a God who is an ever present help; I had found an understandable, demonstrable religion. While my husband and I had been brought up in the orthodox faith, yet we had ceased to find anything satisfying in our religious beliefs and had not gone to church for some time; and we were both hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Therefore, when I found Christian Science I read and studied long hours at a time, and my gratitude knew no bounds.

Testimony of Healing
For the past five years Christian Science has been our...
November 19, 1927

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