The word "treasure" is very apt to call up a mental picture of an accumulation of material riches; but in many passages in the Bible the thought is brought out that treasure is mental, consisting of spiritual qualities. Jesus taught that "a good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things;" and he adjured the young man who had great possessions to sell what he had and find treasure in heaven, showing that the fount from which all true riches are to be gained is to be found in spiritual, harmonious thinking.

Those who are working out the problem of supply, either in their own experience, or for others, or for their church, know how insistently the argument of lack of necessary funds reiterates itself to them; whereas, what is lacking, primarily, is not money, but the ability to understand and utilize the wonderful treasures of Truth, which are within the reach of all who are spiritually-minded enough to apprehend them. In our textbook, "Science and Health with Keyto the Scriptures" (p. 70), Mrs. Eddy has told us that "the revelations of Christian Science unlock the treasures of Truth;" and she further states, on page 241, that "falsehood, envy, hypocrisy, malice, hate, revenge, and so forth, steal away the treasures of Truth," thus giving us a very definite ruling, first, as to what will bestow this treasure upon us, and secondly, as to what would cause us to lose it.

Now this revelation of Christian Science leads us entirely away from the limited beliefs of lack of money, lack of opportunity, unwillingness or inability to give freely, and so on, into an understanding of the infinite nature of God. Christian Science teaches that because God is infinite He is everywhere present and everywhere available, and that His love is everywhere expressed. God never for a moment withholds any good from any one of His children. "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine," is as true for every one of us as it was for the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son. What, then, is the reason that this abundance of good does not always become manifest in our experience? May it not be found in the sentence quoted above, which sets forth very clearly the mental qualities which deplete and rob? Never for a moment does God need to be changed; whatever has to be altered to enable the stream of supply to circulate freely must be in our own consciousness. But in order to receive this revelation our mental processes must be purified; and as thought becomes spiritualized in the constant effort to know and prove man's unity with God, these false qualities of mortal mind, which are all densely material, will find no echo in our thinking.

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Mountain Peaks
October 1, 1927

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