The Royal Road

No one needs to be told that a royal road is one over which royalty is to travel. Obstructions to comfortable progress therein must be cleared away, and along its path beautiful objects must appear; all its appointments are to be rendered quite perfect, that those of high earthly estate may pass over it in the full enjoyment of all that is worthy of their exalted rank. Such a road costs much in preparation. Countless laborers may have worked long and arduously to bring about the highest possible degree of comfort and beauty in order that the few of worldly prominence might be honored and that the many be granted a glimpse of the earthly glory which they themselves might never hope to obtain. So much for the ordinary concept of a royal road!

Now, at the bottom of the heart of everyone who longs for heaven there has always lain the hope that a heavenly destination might be reached in a heavenly way; that a royal road, all smooth for progress and desirable for situation, might be found. Indeed, the prophets of old prophesied about it; the ancient singers sang of it; and all sorts of hope-inspiring names have been given it. Men have called it "The way of holiness," of truth, of peace, of life. And there certainly is a royal road to heaven! Christ Jesus not only found it but walked its entire length, proving its perfection and showing beyond the possibility of a doubt that it leads to heaven itself. He also gave it a new name, for he declared, "I am the way."

God's Kingdom
October 1, 1927

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