It is generally acknowledged that officials of the public...


It is generally acknowledged that officials of the public press may differ at times as to what constitutes good news. On the other hand, it is recognized that discriminating editors consider unreliable data to be undesirable newspaper copy. It was surprising, therefore, to observe in your recent issue several columns devoted to inaccuracies and misrepresentations of a great religion. I refer to a malicious attack on Christian Science by a careless writer, a story evidently released for the sole purpose of creating a sensation. In submitting this letter for publication, I do so with a conviction that the readers of the News-Democrat prefer unimpeachable testimony founded on fact, rather than conjecture.

The writer in question condemned Christian Science because, through its Christly ministrations, poverty and limitation of every nature are healed. He intimated that Jesus "preached poverty;" therefore Christians should be paupers. Jesus did not consider lack to be a virtue. His great mission on earth was to heal lack of every description among the people—lack of health, lack of food, lack of purity—and on the memorable occasion when tribute was required by Caesar, Jesus supplied a seeming lack of money.

As a Little Child
July 31, 1926

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