When reading the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"...

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When reading the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, a critic has certainly not understood when the author is referring to the immortal or to the mortal, to the eternal or to the temporal, to the real or to the unreal. In criticizing this book, he has simply taken a number of statements from it, and, with an absolute disregard for their context, read into them meanings utterly foreign to the truth. This is neither fair nor just criticism.

This critic, referring to a passage from Science and Health, says, "Here is a choice bit of piffle. 'Angels are not etherealized human beings, evolving animal qualities in their wings' (p. 298). Quite so, who said they were?" The Christian world in general said so till Christian Science said otherwise. Has the critic never seen the pictures of the old masters? Has he not seen that angels portrayed in modern pictures are always corporeal beings with feathered wings? Christian Science teaches that angels are God's thoughts passing from God to man, and just as we entertain these thoughts is the promise fulfilled, "He shall give his angels charge over thee." To those who understand the Christian Science textbook sufficiently to be able to demonstrate its statements there are no contradictions or misconceptions in it.

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