God's Witnesses

What an array there is of God's witnesses, stretching far back into the distant past! Among them are many who might be said to belong to the humbler order, while others are outstanding in their greatness. All of them have in some measure, small or great, testified to God by their words, their deeds, their lives. The Bible especially, among books, contains the record of God's witnesses. And there one may read of the faithfulness of some of these to the knowledge they had gained of the Most High; how others put their knowledge into practice, through faith, and proved the power of God on their behalf; how others, still, by purity and prayer discovered God's laws, and afterwards set them on record for the benefit of the whole human race.

Moses was one of the most faithful of God's witnesses. To him we owe the Decalogue, that marvelous collection of moral dicta to which has been given the name of the Ten Commandments. Could any one possibly estimate how much poorer in moral force the world would be to-day had the great Hebrew Lawgiver been unfaithful in his witnessing to divine Truth? The Scriptures tell of the succor his understanding brought even in his own time to his afflicted brethren; but great as that was, it now seems a very small thing compared with the influence Moses' work has since had on the lives of men and nations.

Secret Alms
July 31, 1926

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