The Unity of Good

Some sweet peas once grew under the writer's window, and their fragrance and beauty were a constant source of inspiration. The gardener had placed beside them a wire support to which they could cling. Each day they grew more lovely, putting forth larger and more beauteous blooms. One morning, however, after a windy night, half the vines were found broken down, their tendrils drooping, their flowers crushed; but the other half remained upright. A closer examination revealed that the vines which had not fallen had their tendrils closely interwoven, each supporting the other; while those which drooped had not joined themselves together. Then the gardener came, restored the fallen flowers to their proper place, and fastened them more firmly to the wire support, thus enabling them to climb and cling again.

How like mankind those flowers were! And how true it is that when human motives and aspirations are tenderly intertwined in love, each one strengthens the other to resist the destructive elements of mortal belief; while selfish and selfcentered activity soon falls to earth, having no origin or support in Principle! Yet even when mankind seems crushed, the tender, loving One uplifts the drooping consciousness, restores the true concept of man as the blessed child of God, and with tenderest love supports the effort to regain ascendancy over false beliefs. Christ, Truth, is always redeeming and saving mankind; and the recognition of this fact enables the Christian Scientist to demonstrate tender and compassionate helpfulness to his brother. Through clinging to Truth's support, the lesson is soon learned of supporting one another.

July 31, 1926

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