That Christian Science heals, I have proved, not in one...

That Christian Science heals, I have proved, not in one exceptional instance, but in many that are remarkable. Several years ago a tumorous growth became manifest upon my gums. At that time it was removed by the knife; but within a few months the growth again developed, covering two teeth. Through the consultation of dental surgeons, I was informed that it would be necessary to extract these teeth and treat the jaw bone. I underwent the operation, but objected to the removal of the teeth; however, this also proved unsuccessful. The wound refused to heal and was developing new growth. The removal of these teeth was then insisted upon to facilitate further treatment; but to this I did not submit. Panic-stricken and obsessed with fear because of the failure of these material means, I finally requested Christian Science treatment. The first words of the practitioner, that "the only operation necessary is the operation of God's love," were a revelation. A few treatments proved this. The gums are normal; the healing has been permanent; and I am still the possessor of my teeth.

I have also been healed of a serious functional disorder. In this experience I depended, not finally, but first and entirely, upon Christian Science; and while the struggle to overcome this disorder seemed difficult, with the loving help of a practitioner the problem was solved. Through this last experience there has come to my consciousness something of the risen Christ and of release from material bondage.

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful to God for leading me to Christian Science
July 31, 1926

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