May I be allowed space to correct certain statements...

County Borough Express

May I be allowed space to correct certain statements misrepresenting Christian Science made by a clergyman in an address recently delivered at the Centenary Hall, as reported in your recent issue. If Christian Science ignored sin and pretended that evil did not exist, as the speaker suggested, it would be of no value to the human race. On the contrary, however, it is precisely because Christian Science has been found to be the most effective remedy for these and all other ills which beset mankind, that it is increasingly engaging the attention of thoughtful people from all walks of life. Proof of this assertion is available in overwhelming measure in the healing of both sin and disease, accomplished through correct applicatoin of its teachings. Christian Science recognizes that sin and evil exist as stubborn facts in human experience, and destroys them, not by ignoring their claims, but by understanding the reality and allness of God, the divine Mind, and His creation, and the consequent unreality and nothingness of all that is unlike God. This is in exact accord with the Scriptures, which teach that God is "of purer eyes than to behold evil," and that the human, carnal mind, in which all beliefs of sin and evil have their seeming existence, "is enmity against God."

With regard to the speaker's further statement that "the churches had the whole Truth" and that in Christian Science there was only "a half truth," the relative positions may be determined by considering the practical results of the respective teachings in the light of Jesus' statement, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." No partial freedom is here indicated, but a whole freedom from disease as well as from sin, as witnessed by the healing works of the Master, works which are being repeated in this age by Christian Science in a satisfying measure. It must be clear from what has been said that the churches, in neglecting to heal the sick through spiritual means alone, as taught and practiced by Christ Jesus, not only have overlooked the Master's specific command on this point, but have divided the truth which he presented by confining their ministrations solely to the healing of sin.

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