Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication for the Year Ended September 30, 1924

There are fifty weekly, one biweekly, and ten daily newspapers published in this state. The Christian Scientists of Maine are to be congratulated on the fact that, almost without exception, the owners and editors of these papers recognize that Christian Science has a power for righteousness in the land and is entitled to the respect and consideration due it as a Christian organization. This fair-mindedness arises from a better understanding, year by year, of what Christian Science is and of what it is doing for mankind. The placing of The Christian Science Monitor in newspaper offices by literature distribution committees where there are branch churches and societies, and by this office in other places, is an important factor in bringing about this better understanding. Many articles from our periodicals have been reprinted by the local press during the year, proper credit being given in nearly every case. There have been no editorial attacks aimed at Mrs. Eddy or Christian Science during the year just closed. Such articles as have needed correction or explanation on the part of your Committee have largely consisted of mistaken news items or of contributed matter, the purpose of which was not recognized by the editors. Five letters of correction were offered to editors during the year, and in each case they were gladly accepted and promptly printed. Other corrections have been made in the form of interviews or statements. Copies of papers containing these corrections or explanations have been purchased and distributed, in addition to their ordinary circulation. The courtesy and kindness shown the State Committee on Publication by newspaper officials have been very pleasing. In several instances they have called up this office to ask as to the correctness of matter reaching them through other channels, and as a result the printing of certain misinformation in regard to Christian Science has been averted.

The secular press has published fifteen corrections. One of these was published on the editorial page and several were published as news items. Two corrections were not published. One of these was an attempt to refute a statement which was published twice, the first correction having been published as requested. The other was an answer to an attack on Christian Science. The editor, in this case, informed the Committee that three thousand copies of the issue containing the attack had been run off the press when he discovered it, and that he had given orders to have the article removed and something else put in its place. At the editor's request the correction was not published, but was sent to the writer of the article attacking Christian Science, accompanied by a short note from the editor intimating that such articles were not desirable. Since then the writer of the article has not mentioned Christian Science in his contributions to this paper. An attempt was made to correct an article which appeared in a magazine published in Maryland, but space for refutation was refused. One correction was published in a denominational paper, and one correction was refused publication. The editor who declined to allow space for correction has, on two occasions, acted rather brusquely, and said we could not use his paper for "propaganda." Since the last refusal, however, he has republished something from The Christian Science Monitor, giving credit accordingly.

On Continuing in the Word
September 19, 1925

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