The Place of Christian Science in Education

In the chapter entitled "Science, Theology, Medicine" in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy has written (pp. 141, 142), "Give to it [Christian Science] the place in our institutions of learning now occupied by scholastic theology and physiology, and it will eradicate sickness and sin in less time than the old systems, devised for subduing them, have required for self-establishment and propagation." Many years ago, when the writer was becoming interested in Christian Science and first read this passage, it seemed to him rather an abstract statement of a broad claim. Later, however, and after a better understanding of this Science, he had the opportunity to see the application of it while attending as a student one of America's oldest and greatest institutions of learning.

While there he recognized the mesmerism arising from egotism, vanity, fashion, and pride of intellect, which beguiled many into the popular belief that education is a process of accretion consisting in a great accumulation of facts, instead of unfoldment. Few will deny that education should be an excellent and desirable thing; but in so far as it is given preference over spiritual development, it ceases to be so. What do mere educational advantages amount to if the student does not know that intelligence and wisdom are purely spiritual and of God? Of what avail is a master's diploma in time of trouble if the student does not know God well enough to think of Him as Father-Mother and turn to Him for help? The most necessary education any one can ever have is that which teaches him the truth about God; for this and nothing else will help him to find eternal life, health, and peace.

Pursuing Peace
August 16, 1924

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