Cooperation is one of the world's great needs at the present time, cooperation among individuals, cooperation among nations. A few years ago there took place the mightiest rupture, possibly, in human history between a powerful nation and its allies and practically the rest of the world, a rupture which plunged mankind into a war unequaled in ferocity. The rupture, say what one may about it politically, resulted from lack of understanding of divine Principle, as all disagreements do, whether they arise between nations or between individuals. For nothing is more certain than that the greater the knowledge of Principle the greater is the tendency to cooperation between individuals and peoples, and the less the liability of disputes.

The question of cooperation is a far bigger one than the mere attempt on the part of more or less large bodies of people to unite for the purposes of self-interest. Such a union may be very much a selfish one; indeed, it is certain to be, if it be formed on any basis other than that of an understanding of Principle. And it can quite readily be seen how a union of this kind may be formed to attempt the defeat of the intentions of other bodies founded on high moral purpose.

Overcoming Fear of Separation
August 16, 1924

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