The Right Place

Much has been and is still being thought and said about place. Every one desires to know where his right place is and to fill it. Much of the struggle among men results from their apparent inability to know where each one belongs. Indeed, content or discontent often seems largely dependent on place, and mankind has supposed that its happiness or unhappiness has been determined by the number and kind of places to be filled and whether they have or have not been properly apportioned. This belief seems so nearly universal that to-day we find multitudes crying out that there is no place for them; while other multitudes are fretting because of being in places they do not like; or still others running around to find places which they hope may prove more desirable.

The fact is there is only one right place for any one, and that is in "the secret place of the most High." It is only as one learns through the teaching of Christian Science to find himself in God, divine Mind, surrounded by the ideas of that Mind, that he can ever know and prove himself to be in his right and proper place.

June 14, 1924

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