That Christian Science teaches "the intimate relationship...

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That Christian Science teaches "the intimate relationship between religion and health," that its teaching is "a profound message of comfort to the sick," that "it brings great hope and some fine results," that it teaches "the great necessity of emphasizing the spiritual more, and the material less," and that its teachings have "brought heaven nearer in daily experiences,"—all of these statements are certainly true. These admissions of the good accomplished through Christian Science are coming in an ever increasing number from the ministry. It is a sure sign that some of the clergy are beginning to learn that Christian Science is not the terrible thing they once thought it to be. Only a few days ago in Orlando, according to an account in the Orlando Reporter-Star, a Baptist minister of national recognition preached a sermon to the largest audience ever assembled at the vesper services there. The topic of his sermon was, "Is Christian Science Justly Interpreted by Evangelicals?" He prefaced his sermon by saying, "The speaker, as is widely known, is no Christian Scientist, but an evangelical Baptist." His discourse was so favorable to Christian Science that the heading of the report appearing on the front page of the paper read as follows: "Baptist Minister Defends Christian Science in Pulpit."

A certain lecturer infers that Christian Scientists worship Mrs. Eddy. There are no grounds for this mistaken belief, which is held by many people. Christian Scientists do not worship Mrs. Eddy, though they entertain a great sense of love and reverence for her because of what she has done for them. It was because of her pure life, her love for mankind, her devotion to the Bible, her devout consecration to its precepts, her love for God and for the teachings of our Saviour, Christ Jesus, that the revelation of Christian Science came to her and healed her. She, in turn, has given this truth to the world; and it is blessing all mankind through its beneficent and Christlike influence. No Christian Scientist attempts to place Mrs. Eddy on an equality with Christ Jesus. Mrs. Eddy consistently taught that Christ Jesus could have no equal. He is the ensample for all Christian Scientists; and Mrs. Eddy has admonished them to follow her only in so far as she herself follows Christ. Mrs. Eddy claimed nothing more for herself than that she was the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, and a humble worker in the Father's vineyard.

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