I wish publicly to express my gratitude to God for His...

I wish publicly to express my gratitude to God for His many blessings, and for the consciousness of His ever-presence which I have learned to feel and understand through the teachings of Christian Science. Having had access since childhood to almost every remedy known to mortal mind, I found myself yielding to the suggestion of the need of material remedies for every ache and pain, until often several kinds of medicine would be required to give relief. A slave to medicine, and fearful of every phase of error that presented itself,—such was my condition ten years ago when I began really to study Christian Science. For years I had been gleaning a small understanding of this wonderful truth through the consecrated study and application of it by a loving mother and the untiring efforts and compassion of a dear friend. Suddenly the revelation of this truth as the solution to my problems unfolded to me; and it has been my only remedy since.

I have been cured of chronic stomach trouble, nervousness sick headaches, influenza, and pain in the side and back, which a physician said would be difficult to cure because of the helpless condition it had engendered and the irritated form it had assumed. Contagious and so-called children's diseases have been met quickly and successfully for our children. Several times the healings have been slow, but they have always brought with them the blessing of greater unfoldment, and an opportunity to rejoice over each step in the progress made.

Testimony of Healing
At Chicago, more than twenty years ago, I was healed...
June 14, 1924

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