"Clear the air"

Not long ago, at a point off the coast of France, a vessel was foundering. Again and again, the SOS signal was sent out by the despairing crew; but in the medley of messages the call for help was unheeded. Suddenly, the Naval Communication Service received the distress signal, and the command, "Clear the air," was given. On the instant, all broadcasting from other points ceased, and the radio sped the message to the port where help was to be found. In thinking of this incident, the writer was impressed with the fact that it was necessary to clear the air before the call for help could reach its proper destination.

Are not we sometimes like the foundering vessel, tossed and beaten about by the tempestuous waves of mortal thought? And do we not often cry out from the depths, even while we are harboring within our consciousness a medley of confusing human beliefs? We know through the teachings of Christian Science that God is ever at hand; but to receive the answer to our heart's desire, the channel of thought must be kept clear and open to good, and to good alone.

"Why should the work cease?"
March 29, 1924

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