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I have known Christian Science for only two years, and...

I have known Christian Science for only two years, and have already received many blessings, small and great. When I heard Christian Science spoken of for the first time, by a sincere and devoted friend, I was in a state of great depression, moral and physical. I had experienced great sorrow. Within a few years I had lost successively several relatives.

From a physical standpoint I was suffering from a kidney disease which had troubled me for fifteen years. I had frequent sharp, painful attacks. For this illness I was dieted very severely, and took various medicines every day. I also suffered for about ten years from an internal complaint. I had consulted four doctors for this trouble; but instead of improving, it was growing worse. As a result of these two illnesses, I was very anæmic. At the time when Christian Science was presented to me, although a fairly tall woman, I weighed barely forty-eight kilograms [less than one hundred and six pounds]. I was practically a wreck; and life was a burden. I had not even the consolation of seeking refuge in God or in prayer, for I believed in nothing. I considered myself an atheist. In spite of all this, I wanted to live; for I had a little girl, who at that time was only three and a half years old, and the thought of leaving her and my husband was hard.

Testimony of Healing
About thirty-six years ago I fell through a roof to the...
March 29, 1924

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