The Reward of Paying "the uttermost farthing"

Along the path of life are experiences like guiding stars illumining the way to larger experiences. Unfolding opens the way whereby the largess of divine Love becomes available.

Once while making a call, a beginner in the study of Christian Science was criticized, and Christian Science was opposed. It seemed wise to make no answer other than lovingly and quietly to leave the house. The student went to her home longing to be far more deeply conscious of the presence of divine Love, which she knew could be gained from a study of the Bible in connection with Mrs. Eddy's written works. She wished to reach that consciousness expressed by Mrs. Eddy in "Unity of Good" (p. 49): "To me the reality and substance of being are good, and nothing else. Through the eternal reality of existence I reach, in thought, a glorified consciousness of the only living God and the genuine man. So long as I hold evil in consciousness, I cannot be wholly good."

"Clear the air"
March 29, 1924

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