A practice far too common among students of Christian Science is that of exchanging so-called "class notes," or of pupils' giving to a few favored friends copies of notations made during class instruction in Christian Science.

This is a most undesirable practice, for a student at best can write only a few words, intended to recall some thought expressed by the teacher, which he (the pupil) wishes to retain. In passing these notes on to another, unless the inquirer is in a receptive condition of thought, and unless the same careful explanation accompanies the transfer as was given originally by the teacher, the notes are quite likely to be misunderstood; and misunderstandings can only serve to darken the thought of the recipient. The danger, however, does not stop there. The new possessor also wants to be generous and loving, and so he passes these notes along, no doubt supposedly in strict confidence; and thus they are started on their perpetual round. They are copied, recopied, augmented, curtailed, and otherwise altered, until perchance, sometime this little slip may work its way back home, but with such a variety of additions, alterations, and omissions, that its originator scarcely knows it.

Among the Churches
March 17, 1923

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