Instead of leading men to destruction, Christian Science...

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Instead of leading men to destruction, Christian Science is saving them every day from sin, disease, and destruction, by giving an understanding of God that they can demonstrate in their daily lives. Our Master's delineation of evil is scientific and can be proved; namely, that evil is a lie without cause or effect. Most men desire to be better, but know no way by which they can permanently overcome temptation and all evil.

What the world needs most to-day is to be saved from false concepts and teachings about God and man. What hope of salvation can one have who believes that God, who is the one infinite good, made and permits evil, actually using it for His own ends, and that evil is a power equal with God? This is in itself the greatest of evils, and breaks the First Commandment. If God made evil, and He is the only creator, He must be ever conscious of evil. It must be infinite, therefore indestructible; so that the nearer one might draw to God, even in prayer, the nearer would he be to evil! Such man-made doctrines, if they were true, would lead to self-annihilation. How all-important, then, that we have the right idea or knowledge of God!

Christian Science is the Science of Life
March 17, 1923

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