"Be ye thankful"

It is doubtful whether changes so momentous, so full of import and significance as those which are now overturning material theories, beliefs, and practices, ever before took place in material history. To-day, when interest centers around the wonders of radio activity; when time and space are being annihilated, and the human voice, through the medium of a train of oscillations set up by a spark discharge in a radio transmitter, travels through space without let or hindrance, at a velocity of thousands of miles per second; when we read that a new heatless light has possibly been discovered by a professor at Princeton University; that power may yet be transmitted through the radio; that through "television" the human eye will be enabled to view objects at the greatest distances permitted by terrestrial limitations,—one pauses, in thankful recognition of Truth and the infinitude of God's allness.

Does not all this human invention and discovery but foreshadow the expansion of thought from limitations into the truth heralded by Jesus the Christ, and Mary Baker Eddy,—the truth which is as mighty to-day as when Jesus authoritatively called Lazarus to come forth from the grave of materialism? The might of that truth was of God, who is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever; who changes not; whose laws are portrayed in Christian Science, and substantiated by actual demonstration within the range of human comprehension. So incontrovertible are its signs that the leaven is permeating the thought of the world as an irresistible urge to break the shackles of human limitation, enabling men to rise into a larger life and vision, with the command to materialism to "loose him, and let him go."

Our True Friends
March 17, 1923

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