Signs of the Times

[Canon E. B. Smith, in Phænix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Sept. 17, 1923]

Religion is not a dead, inoperative thing, but vital, active, and energetic. There is a work to be done, a race to be run, a warfare to be waged, a harvest to be gathered in. And this is a personal work which no one can do for you; which the church cannot do for us; nor the clergy.... We are to work out our own salvation, and to give all diligence to make our calling and action sure; at the same time not forgetting our responsibility in connection with the spiritual welfare of others.... He is the true patriot who looks calmly at the condition of his country and asks what he can do for her benefit; who seeks to allay all undue popular excitement, and restrain the fanatic and noisy tendencies of the times; who, without regard for party or expectation of emolument, supports for office those whose reputation for purity and integrity entitles them to the support of their fellow-citizens. Godliness is more than morality, which is mere duty and decency. It is more than benevolence, which is only good-will. It is the practical love of God; and that means the love of all that is purest and noblest in the universe.

November 3, 1923

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