Christian Science avers that it is through the life, words,...


Christian Science avers that it is through the life, words, and works of Christ Jesus that one acquires not only the definition but the reality of religion. Moses gave the Commandments, but the Bible says, "Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." Jesus said, "The Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him." The things Jesus did were the overcoming of pain and sorrow, the healing of disease, and the cleansing from sin. He could not have overcome these errors had they been of divine origin. Instead of denying Love, Christian Science maintains that the animating, vitalizing element in the works of Christ Jesus was Love; and it is this understanding which binds us to God.

One who undertakes to be a Christian Scientist finds that, instead of being an "airy conception," Christian Science is a very definite and practical reality, requiring the most faithful spiritual application. That religion which, understood and obeyed, enables its followers to do the works Jesus did thereby identifies and defines itself. Mrs. Eddy has written of it (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 53): "Its seeming abstraction is the mystery of godliness; and godliness is simple to the godly; but to the unspiritual, the ungodly, it is dark and difficult. The carnal mind cannot discern spiritual things."

November 3, 1923

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