As a mother of five children, I rejoice that the truth...

As a mother of five children, I rejoice that the truth about God and His creation, taught by Christian Science, has power to annul so-called material laws and to set our little children free from all that is not made by God, who is Love. From among the very large number of healings which I have seen accomplished in our family by Christian Science treatment, I should like to tell of two at this time.

One day, without warning, a little four-year-old child was taken with convulsions. A Christian Science practitioner sat with us for several hours, giving the child Christian Science treatment until the spasms ceased. For my part, feeling that divine power was the only remedy available, I kept my thoughts steadfastly on God's perfect image and likeness, on God's perfect love and presence and power; and I vigorously denied every appearance of distress, because it was not the truth about the infinite, loving God. I felt that even as Abraham was willing to give up Issac, I could give up any sense of life in a material body, and could know Life as God. The acute symptoms were entirely destroyed in a few hours; and although the child appeared semiconscious for about two days, on the fourth day he was perfectly well and normal. The healing was so replete with divine power that I felt I was treading on holy ground.

Testimony of Healing
It is a great privilege to tell or write of the healing...
November 3, 1923

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