Finding God, Good

To find God is always to find spiritual good. It is to find the only Father-Mother, the only cause, presence, substance, power, action, and law, here and now. To find the greatness and broadness of God's goodness is to find health when sickness seems real; light when clouds befog the vision; supply when lack seems present; and courage in the midst of discouragement. To find God, good, at all times is to win a new sense of regenerated life, putting off the old for the new, entering the Holy of Holies when storm, darkness, superstition, or fear seem present. This is possible to-day for those who are actively relying on the spiritual truth of being with some measure of understanding.

David found God as power and protection through childlike trust and humility, else the arrogance, hatred, and boasting of the great Philistine could not have been rendered powerless. Daniel found God through faith and a higher understanding of Him, else the jaws of the roaring lions would not have been closed. The three Hebrew boys found God through fearless fidelity, right prayer, and an abiding trust in the ever-presence and omnipotence of the living God—their God. "If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace," is an utterance that will stand forever. Their God did deliver them; and the scorching heat of the fiery furnace was nothing to them. Could it have been otherwise when the Christ walked with them in consciousness in the midst of the flames?

Go and Tell Thy Friends
November 3, 1923

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