Christian Science is in no way similar to the theory and...


Christian Science is in no way similar to the theory and practice of the Coué system; nor does Christian Science use autosuggestion or any other phase of human will in its teachings or its practice. It is well known that suggestion and autosuggestion are based upon the shifting standards and ephemeral theories of the mortal or carnal mind. Such systems are subject to all the vagaries of the so-called human will; and because of this they are dangerous, placing the unsuspecting under the manipulation or domination of the stronger human will. Christian Science is wholly spiritual in its teachings; is based upon the unchangeable law of God; and its healing works are accomplished through the power of God, divine Mind. Its teachings are in strict accord with, and are based upon, the Scriptures. They are in fulfillment and demonstration of the teachings and practice of Christ Jesus. Not only does Christian Science heal sickness and disease by its spiritual teachings, but it reclaims and regenerates the sinner by these same teachings. It has proved its efficacy by practical demonstration, in the healing of countless thousands of people of every known disease and of all manner of discord and sin.

In discussing systems of so-called mind-cure, similar to those referred to, Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, says in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 185): "Such theories and such systems of so-called mind-cure, which have sprung up, are as material as the prevailing systems of medicine. They have their birth in mortal mind, which puts forth a human conception in the name of Science to match the divine Science of immortal Mind, even as the necromancers of Egypt strove to emulate the wonders wrought by Moses. Such theories have no relationship to Christian Science, which rests on the conception of God as the only Life, substance, and intelligence, and excludes the human mind as a spiritual factor in the healing work."

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