In my youth I heard a great deal of ridicule of Christian Science,...

In my youth I heard a great deal of ridicule of Christian Science, and, after I was of age, a great deal of abuse of Mrs. Eddy. This, with the reading of a criticism of Christian Science and of Mrs. Eddy, formed the basis of my concept of Christian Science. One day I picked up a book in a public library, "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy" by Sibyl Wilbur. After much hesitation, I read the book, which interested me very much.

A year later, the complete mental, physical, and moral regeneration of a friend, through Christian Science, made a very deep impression on me. He talked to me of Christian Science, and I received many blessings from the talk; but my prejudice prevented my receiving more. At this time, I was so ashamed to let people know I was interested in Christian Science, from fear of being thought queer, that I went at night to get some literature from a free distribution rack. In a short time I dropped Christian Science; but a year later conditions became so discordant that I started again to read this same literature, which I had put away on a shelf. My hatred of Mrs. Eddy had become so great that when her name was mentioned I would throw the periodical across the room; but I always picked it up again and continued reading. In time this hatred was destroyed by divine Love; and love and gratitude took its place. A friend gave me a cup of cold water by explaining away many of my false concepts of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
After fifteen years of sickness, when all other remedies...
November 3, 1923

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