Mary baker eddy , the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, on page 183 of "Miscellaneous Writings" left for her students a declaration of independence which, understood and put into practice, will free them from the false laws of so-called mortal mind and release them from bondage. She says: "Man is free born: he is neither the slave of sense, nor a silly ambler to the so-called pleasures and pains of self-conscious matter. Man is God's image and likeness; whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God's reflection."

This promise of delivery from the slavery of material laws, from the bondage of false beliefs of heredity, and release from the uncertainty of changing human concepts, is perpetual and continuous. The awakening to the falsity of the messages transmitted by the material senses holds for all time and under every condition. Regardless of existing conditions in the home or in business, whatever the problem may be, the solution is always present. Freed from the belief of a necessity for subscribing to material laws and bowing down to their dictates, mankind finds the measure of independence brought about by this declaration unlimited. Living under so-called material laws, mankind seems buffeted about, the victim of the material theories of to-day, which are cast aside to-morrow and replaced by others. So, there is caused, through the instability of this belief in material existence, a sense of confusion and insecurity, from which the only permanent relief is the understanding of the true sense of freedom, so clearly stated by our Leader in the above declaration. The first part of the statement denies all mortal laws portraying men as the playthings of chance. It removes all false laws of bondage to sensuous beliefs. The last part establishes the reason for man's freedom. As God's image and likeness, there is no limit to the good which man possesses as his true heritage. He is endowed with the ability to meet every condition, and to rise above all limitation.

"Put off thy shoes"
November 11, 1922

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