The Christian Science Monitor Needs-What?

This question is not in the nature of a conundrum, because everybody knows what a newspaper needs; and so the answer can be promptly rendered,—readers.

Manifestly, all the efforts of writers for the newspapers who investigate facts, solve problems, discourse on history, philosophy, politics, and the daily conduct of men,—even the efforts of those unfortunates who take up an ill report about neighbors and write thereof,—are directed to the end that as many as possible shall find interest in what is written, and be readers. Moreover, the vast machinery of advertising is directed to the same end; and the morality of the business world is appearing, because it is noticeable that there is less and less misrepresentation of fact in advertising; indeed, that those who take this work seriously, as a profession so to speak, have chosen truth for their motto. Unfortunately, in journalism there remain those who value skill in misrepresentation; and while in a newspaper there may appear honest advertising, fairly presenting goods of various kinds to the attention of buyers, there will be columns unfairly presenting honest men, and inviting the evil of prejudice and hatred in return for the good they are doing for the race.

Christian Scientists are awakening to the value of the great gift Mrs. Eddy left with the Christian Science movement when she established The Christian Science Monitor to be an inheritance to all the good men and women who, in their support of righteousness, need the right kind of newspaper to encourage and support them. When one, actuated by the Christian spirit, becomes active in an endeavor to establish the good-will and order of the heavenly kingdom, how often there will be some form of opposition, which may take the form of a misrepresentation of the efforts put forth in behalf of righteousness! The appearing of righteousness upon earth will, of course, mean the disappearing of evil methods, of selfish scheming, meanness, cruelty, and brutality. Those who live close to animalism do not understand the blessedness of life where kindness is the rule. Those who try to make gain dishonestly do not see that, after all, honesty brings the best into life. Those who work upon the prejudices of men, and form them into gangs combined as haters of certain persons in the community, have no vision of the loveliness of friendship and cooperation. In other words, people lie and steal and hate because in their mental state they think it is profitable for themselves; and they need to be awakened to responsibility in regard to the disadvantage and distress caused thereby to others.

Scientific Advancement
November 11, 1922

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