The Lectures

Christiania, Norway (Society).—Bjarne Bockmann made the following remarks when introducing George Shaw Cook, a Christian Science lecturer:—

There are perhaps many of you who know an answer which was once given by Abraham Lincoln. A friend of his one day asked him, "How can you be so sure that God is on your side in this struggle?" Lincoln answered substantially, "I am not so much concerned to know whether God is on my side; but I am very anxious to know whether I am on God's side." I wonder if the many who feel disappointed in their desires, who perhaps no longer believe that prayers can do anything for them here, have been praying that God should be on their side, that He should change one thing or the other according to their desires and prayers? If we consider the other standpoint—which Lincoln had—we find that it presupposes that God exists, and that those who are on His side will and must receive help and blessings; that God is omnipotent Love, working according to perfect and unchangeable laws, and that the more we seek to find these laws and to live in consonance therewith, the more we shall receive of those blessings which will bring to us the consciousness of being on God's side. Jesus has shown us what these blessings are: sinners reformed, the hungry fed, the sorrowing comforted, and the healed. During the last fifty years increasing thousands have experienced that all these blessings still accompany the right understanding of God and His creation. This is due to the fact that Mary Baker Eddy, who from childhood had been an earnest Bible student, in the year 1866, through a significant experience of healing, was led to the recognition that Truth, since the time of Jesus, has lost none of its power to make men free from sickness as well as from sin. Afterwards, she worked tirelessly, through speech, writing, and action, to open the eyes of mankind to this power of Truth and Love.

Testimony of Healing
I was very quickly healed of a serious eye trouble through...
November 11, 1922

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